Wild Women, Wild Dogs and Wild Men

8 Day / 7 Night Program in the South Luangwa National Park

25th March - 1st April, 2011

Day 1

On arrival at Mfuwe International Airport a guide will meet you. The drive to Nkwali Camp is 1 hour through colourful local scenes of villages, agriculture as well as bush. Nkwali Camp has a wide view of the Luangwa River. The first night of your stay, Mandy will inform you of the Ecotherapy aspects of the week and one of the full-time project staff from African Wild Dog Conservation will give an introductory talk on the African wild dog and the African Wild Dog Conservation AWDC project. This will include wild dog natural history, their endangered status, key threats as well as the aims of AWDC and the current programs which are running. You'll also get a demonstration of our tracking equipment which will be used to find wild dog packs when they join you out in the field.

Day 2

At dawn breakfast is served around the campfire. The morning drive will leave soon after, entering the park by boat from the camp or by the nearby pontoon. The game in the area is excellent - and includes many family herds of elephants and the endemic species of giraffe, the Thornicroft Giraffe. A mid morning break of tea, coffee and cake will be taken by a scenic point on a lagoon or the Luangwa River and you will enjoy your first opportunity for self-reflection and new life insights facilitated by Mandy. This morning you will also be joined by AWDC for the game drive. Gain exclusive insights into African wild dog research as you track for dogs through the National Park - see their tracking equipment and techniques in action! They'll also explain about lion identification and prey counts which are used in their annual predator and prey surveys. You'll get to use these new skills in species identification and scientific technique as you drive around one of the most beautiful areas in Africa. We return to camp for lunch around mid day. After lunch cool off around the swimming pool or enjoy a siesta. Tea will be served mid afternoon before we set off on a second game drive that extends into the early evening providing the opportunity to see some of the nocturnal inhabitants. We return to camp around 20.00 and enjoy supper at 20.30.

Day 3

After breakfast a walk into the game reserve taking a scout with you. Our second group session will preceed lunch which will be under a tree or next to a lagoon. Enjoy a siesta or simply spend a lazy couple of hours reading a book or watching the fascinating animals and landscape around you. Returning to camp when you are ready. In the evening you will be joined by AWDC for another talk about the dogs. This evenings lecture will focus on competition between lions, hyenas and African wild dogs, why AWDC researches these inter-predator competitions, and what it means for the survival of the wild dog. They'll also tell you all about exciting hot-off-the-press findings for Zambian wild dogs and other associated wildlife in the area from their research.

Day 4

A visit to Chipemebele Environmental Education Center where you'll learn all about wildlife conservation education in general as well as the education programs AWDC have in place for the African wild dog and other species. Education, and in turn the reduction of human-wild dog conflict, is key to the survival of this endangered species. After your return in the afternoon, you will be able to choose to go out on an evening game-drive, or just relax in camp watching the sunset over the river.

Day 5-7

These last days are very flexible. Similar to Day 2 but an evening or morning game drive or walk can be choosen. possibly even a boat cruise on the river. AWDC will join you on either a morning or evening game drive to track the dogs and we will participate in Ecotherapy group sessions at times jointly decided. Provision will be made each day for rest and personal interests. An optional extra cab be a visit to the Kawaza Village, to experience a bit of the local culture.

Day 8

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the Mfuwe Airport for your flight to Lusaka and your connecting flight home.