Space for Elephants

Their motto:

We are striving through 'Space for Elephants' foundation, to achieve long term solutions for our elephant populations and a vision that will open economic opportunities to rural communities and rekindle the ancient spirit and pride of Africa.

As there is a whole web site dedicated to this wonderful conservation initiative, I am not going to say much. Please see

Fundamentally the goal of 'Space for Elephants' is to see Game Reserves and National Parks drop their fences, and linking passages of land between these wilderness spaces, conceded, so that the elephants do not have to be translocated or culled, but they can have the freedom to walk their natural ancient pathways again. The pathways many animals and our ancestors used to work before man divided land, put up fences and engaged in ambitious, sometimes power-hungry and sometimes money-greedy, controlling ways of relating.

The aims of the Space for Elephant Foundation are: