Self-Drive Foraging Routes

Enjoy the
Wisdom of Elephants,
Dance with Dolphins and
Discover your Wild, Intuitive Self
with African Wild Dog

Mandy Young, Psychotherapist, with 26 years of privileged experience working with healing, maturation, relationships and self-discovery, also has 11 years of experience as an eco-therapist: taking people into the wilderness spaces of the African bush to observe animals with social behavior. It is a journey of re-connection with our own intuition, passion and creativity

Discover yourself and
Define your own Destiny
Whilst Observing
Elephants, Dolphins and Wild Dogs

The journey begins at Pongola Game Reserve in Kwa-Zulu Natal where we meet a very special group of 54 African elephants with an intriguing history. They roam and splash along the shores of Lake Jozini and the trumpeting grandeur of these gentle giants echolocates against the backdrop of the Lebombo mountains.

Here, like Mandy, we can learn much about mothering for there is a breeding herd of elephant cows with a wise, protective matriarch, and an 'orphan' herd of early adult elephant cows whose mothers, brothers and sisters were culled when they were just 2-5 years old! The 'orphans' all have their own calves now! The 3 elephant bulls in the area do their testosterone-lead, male-roaming 'thing', but safely allow guests up close and very personal. In the heart of a culturally-enriched Zulu territory we stay at the White Elephant Bushcamp, with pampering hosts and excellent cuisine, swimming pool comforts and tantalizing vistas of the mountains and lake shore.

Time for play and action, and who best to do that with than many pods of friendly, endearing, quizzical smiling, acrobatic bottle-nosed Dolphins. They surf the waves of the warm Indian Ocean just off shore from the Mozambican coastal village of Ponto D'Ouro. We stay in the exclusive, luxury, tented camp of Tartaruga Maritima, shaded under a tree-canopy on the edge of the beach, where monkeys chatter inquisitively about the new arrivals - us, and butterflies welcome with a delicate dance. The soothing sounds of distant surf wave-wash, quieting busy minds.

Finally we discover our intuitive rootedness as we seek the African Wild Dogs. We transfer to the heart of the Madikwe Game Reserve where we are centered and housed in the comfortable, but rustic, raised wooden chalets of the Mosetlha Bushcamp. Here you can observe the 'Big 5', many antelope and cat species, celebrate the calls of 350 different bird species and follow the social behavior of an endangered animal, the African Wild Dog, or as Mandy prefers to call them, the Painted Hunting Dogs.

You can participate in the whole adventure or be drawn to a part, but guests leave having been nurtured by nature…with life-changing memories… the warm, caring sharing of fellow-travelers and the compassionate wisdom and 'reflective-for-life' interpretations of our guide.