Peace-of-Eden Wildlife EcoTours

Wilderness Wisdom &
Nature Nurturing
whilst observing & interacting with
endangered African Wild Dogs,
wise Elephants,
playful Dolphins,
wild Meerkats,
giant mountain Gorillas,
visionary White Lions,
Naro Bushmen &
The Ilingwesi Clan of the Maasai

Personalized dates can also be organised with a minimum of
6 guests

Mandy Young, Ecotherapist, with extensive knowledge of human and animal behaviour, translates your observations and interactions with wild animals in wilderness spaces, into life-enriching, personally transforming experiences.

Wise Eles, Tribal Beginnings and Dancing with Dolphins

A tri-focal 10 day / 9 night adventure which expansively includes observing endangered Painted Hunting Dogs and wise Elephants, as well as swimming with playful, endearing dolphins in warm Mozambican waters.
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Picture by Dolphin Encounters   Dancing with Dolphins

5 day / 4 night experience
The chance of a lifetime to play, learn and swim with some of the most intelligent and amazing creatures on our planet, the dolphins. A soulful, sensual and fun way of connecting with yourself & others. En suite accommo-dation is in luxury tents with access to pristine beaches.

Wilderness & Warriors

6 day / 5 night Experience
A time to discovery yourself and know how you fit together as a team, see competition as an opportunity for creativity and build a culture of leadership as everyobody, even the weakest link, is strengthened.

We are not best adapted to the stresses and strains of city and corporate lifestyles. We evolved in adaptation to nature, genetically and soulfully, so we need to return there find our true capacity and different, more lasting ways of being a team. Who best to teach us than those who still operate in this way for their survival: the Maasai of the Ilngwesi clan in northern Kenya and the Naro Bushmen in the Kalahari. They teach us not only how to endure, but how to live and laugh; not only to survive, but how to love and lead.
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Carnivore Week

Staying at Nkwali camp in the South Luangwa National Park. Includes accom., all meals, game drives & self-reflective group discussions.
Wild Men, Wild Dogs & Wild Waters

Botswana, VicFalls and Hwange Game Reserve in Zimbabwe
Bushmen laugh, tease & work together with dignity & respect, they teach us that Community/Corporate relationships and survival depend on being well-adapted and knowledgeable of the environment. Wild Dogs hunt together & care for the sick and the young. The wild waters of the Victoria Falls, one of the 7 wonders of the world, give us time to reflect and the challenge to tumble or transform.

Whale Trail

De Hoop Nature Reserve, Western Cape, South Africa
Walk and wander along the coastline of the world’s most renowned whale-watching trails. Here 40% of the world’s Southern Right whales give birth to their young just a mere kilometre from the beach. And there is more ... De Hoop Nature Reserve offers vistas of unsurpassed natural diversity — endemic fynbos, pristine marine treasures, diverse buck & bird species and several troops of well-behaved, but socially intriguing baboon troops.

Tuningi WildLife Adventure

Madikwe Game Reserve, North West Province, South Africa
To enter Madikwe is to stand at the very threshold of wilderness Africa. This is a near-perfect ecological environment where every plant, animal and insect forms an essential part of an intricate web of survival. Madikwe boasts the biggest translocation of wild animals into a poorly run cattle farm area transforming this arid space into a nature reserve that is home to almost every game species including lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo and 350 species of birds. Our sought after 5 star accommodation at Tuningi Safari Lodge rests in a valley on the western side of the Reserve, and from here enjoy daily excursions into nature.

Timbivati Wilderness & The White Lions

Timbivati, Polokwane, South Africa
Where ancient tribal wisdom and white lion power meet and herald the coming of a new age. On the verge of technological advancement beyond compare will we hurt each other, the world and all her inhabitants, or will there be restoration, reconciliation, romance and rejuvenation? There is only one place in Africa you may go to find the answers to some of these questions.

Romantic Trails & Dolphin Tails

Cinque Terre and the Archipelago of Tuscany Islands, Italy
Where else to Walk & Talk with characteristic Italian passion except between the five feisty Italian fishing villages of Cinque Terre. Up hills and down dales then venture on into the clear Mediterranean sea to gain hope, health and healing from dolphin delights as they appear and disappear from their watery depths.

Monkeying Around

Volcanoes National Park & Nyungwe Forest, Rwanda, East Africa
Climb into the volcanic mountains through tropical forests to spend time with a gentle giant, a great silverback and his family. Meet the post-genocide Rwandan people who embrace a spirit of Ubuntu, forgiveness and reconciliation, and walk with awe along the canopy of the Nyungwe forest, home to 8 different species of monkeys including the chimpanzees.

  The Wisdom of Elephants
4 days/3 nights

Includes 5* Accom., meals, game drives & 5 self-reflective group discussions.
  Mingling with Meerkats
4 days/3 nights

Includes 2 sunrise tours, breakfast & 4 self-reflective group discussions.
Includes accommodation.
  McGregor & Meerkat Magic, together with, the Wisdom of Elephants

10 day / 9 nights Self-Drive Experience
This 10 day / 9 night self-discovery adventure begins in Cape Town with breakfast at the wine farm of the Schalk Burger family where we enjoy conversation, Meerkat wine tasting & a wine tour. Several days are spent in the unique, characterful, earthy town of McGregor enjoying the peaceful spiritual ambience of Temenos, an intuitive massage (optional) and self-discovery through a "wet painting" session. We then move towards the elephants in the Eastern Cape via Warmwaterberg Spa, Ronnie sex shop (just a pub), a beautiful quartz crystal labyrinth & the Manger, a baboon rehabilitation sanctuary. When we arrive in the Eastern Cape we luxuriate at Camp Figtree in the Zuurberg mountain and visit the elephants daily.
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