White Elephant Lodge and Bushcamp

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When I first arrived at Pongola Game Reserve (PGR), it was a dejavu experience it so reminded me of a little Kariba (Zimbabwe): the smells, savannah-woodland mix and the glistening Jozini dam which was held at bay by a large dam wall.  Impala graze and warthogs snuffle on their knees, nose-to-dirt in the grasslands nearby, and the Lebombo mountains stand protectively behind the dam wall.  There is a sense of peace and of having arrived.  Here I was privileged to begin my elephant research: the difference in mothering behaviour of elephants who had experienced normal family life before they translocated from Kruger to PGR, and the mothering behaviour or the first ‘Orphan’ cow to give birth.  The ‘Orphan’ herd who originated from a cull in  Kruger in the late 1980’s were moved to Milimani, 40kms from PGR, as two to five year olds.  When I began my research they were adolescents and capable of breeding.  They walked into PGR of their own volition, following a visit 15 months before their arrival by one of the resident PGR bulls - Ingani.  When they arrived he was there to meet them.  You can read the rest of their story in some of the articles I have

Heinz and Debbie Kohrs, the owners of White Elephant Lodge and Bushcamp, were the visionaries who brought these elephants back into to this area of Kwa-Zulu Natal where they naturally roamed up until 100 years ago. Their passion for the elephants and other wildlife in the park is matched only by their creative comfortable affordable accommodation establishments and their heartfelt hospitality.

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