River Bend Lodge & The Eles

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As you enter the white gates and drive past snorting wildebeest, curious cranes and sometimes a perky mongoose towards the River Bend Lodge you keep hoping you will see the elephants in the daisies.

River Bend Lodge is gracious, takes you back to a colonial era where creativity is an art and takes time to unfold. You cannot help but begin to feel stress slide from your body and soul as you feel the sun's warmth whilst lying next to the pool with busy weaver birds building their nests, or when you wriggle down into crisp white sheets which make you feel as if you are sleeping on clouds. The cuisine is lingering as diverse delicate tastes plummet to an expanding belly. Best of all are the elephants, this exlulsive conservancy is home to the oldest herd of elephants in the Addo Elephant area. Sadly their matriarch, gentle Alice who I re-named Acceptance, passed away last year, but she is still succeeded by a strong herd of several families. The dominant bull is Hoepel (I re-named him Impi - ‘chief’). He can be a little spunky at times, but never aggressive. My delight are the twins, Dusk and Dawn. It is rare for an elephant cow to give birth to twins that survive.

I know you are longing to indulge yourself at this peaceful venue, but before you get too restful, don’t forget there are elephant sightings to see, birds to watch and if you want to really relax, several spa treatments.

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