De Hoop

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De Hoop is world-renowned as one of the best whale-watching spots, especially between June & December, when 40% of the world’s Southern Right Whales give birth to their young just a mere kilometer from the beach. De Hoop Nature Reserve offers unsurpassed natural diversity of endemic fynbos, pristine marine treasures, diverse buck & bird species and several troops of well-behaved, but socially intriguing baboon troops. There are varied activities - mountain biking, the whale trail & star gazing.

Recently Cape Nature Reserve have partnered with the De Hoop & Madikwe Collection to protect this unique seaside reserve. In terms of accommodation all your budgeting and lifestyle needs are catered for - whether you enjoy the energy of camping, want to hang out in the rondawels on the edge of the vlei with an outdoor shower and great views, or you want to spoil yourselves at other well-equipped and grasciously decorated houses. There is also a 5 star Victorian / Farm Style house with its wide verandas, panoramic views & gracious gendre and my favorite - Koppie Aleen - 4 ample rooms, 2 bathrooms, communal diningroom, fireplace inside, braai area outside, and best of all - no-one else is around, you have the beach, sea views and whale sounds & sights all to yourselves!

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