Aquila Private Game Reserve

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Taking a brief picturesque drive from Cape Town through mountainous landscape after the adventure of ducking through the 4km-long Hugenot tunnel you arrive at Aquila Private Game Reserve that makes more than one statement in this pristine Karoo Landscape.  First of all she offers you what you have all come to see - wild animals, close to Cape Town - elephants, a family of 7 lions, luxuriating lazy hippos, buffalo, giraffe and many species of birds and buck.  Secondly great food, friendly, competent staff, natural, character-full stone cottages - some with upstairs family lofts and one with a waterfall in the bathroom!  Thirdly, a place for the children - how thoughtful.  You know how much children can only tolerate a small number of game excursions.  Here they are cared and catered for with places to draw, swim, play putt putt and even quad bike.  The teenagers, reluctantly have a Play Station, but hey, that’s the age they are at. 

In addition to all of this there is Horse Riding Safaris, even if you have never ridden a horse before, these gentle animals allow you more up close and personal to wildlife than you may have been before.  It is not scary because the game guides know what they are doing when they keep you safe.

And Conference facilities
And you can sit in the pool or float on a lounge-raft-deck and order a drink
And ARC a wildlife rehabilitation centre
And they use solar power instead of electricity for the whole complex.

Not much more you could ask for... Book now.  Don’t miss out.  Satisfy your intrigue, especially if you are Cape Tonian or visiting Cape Town as a tourist.

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