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Forthcoming EcoTours 2010

Forthcoming Corporate WildLife Team Building Adventure in 2011 


Ideal Christmas Gift and an Investment at an Incredible Price.

It is the last newsletter of 2010 and I will keep it relatively brief, I know how much Chritmas mail lands on our emailing doorsteps.

I would like to remind you of the Ele, Wild Dog and Dolphin EcoTour Experience from 25th February - 6th March, 2011. So far an interesting group of people are attending, including the professor who heads up the Marine Biology section of Geneva university who is active with dolphin and whale research in the Mediterranean. You are welcome to participate in the whole experience or the WildLife section that most excites you.

Wild Dog Week available as a Corporate WildLife Team Building Adventure takes place in the Luangwa Valley of Zambia from 25th March 2011. We spend time in an incredible wilderness space tracking and learning much about wild dog behavior from Matin Becker and his research team.

I would like to appeal to your generous Christmas spirit of giving to help the recovery of a little Bushman girl, a toddler, with serious burn wounds to her hand and leg. I have also shared a Bushman Team Building Experience with you to whet your appetite to visit with this amazing tribe of people who offer so much fun, laughter, wisdom and acceptance.

If you have not found that ideal Christmas present yet, how about something unique - a 100 square meter plot in the Klein Karoo in the wilderness space of Elandsans Nature Reserve?

Wishing you lots of love and rest over this Season.
Stay safe and don't forget it is Jesus' birthday.


Wild Dogs, Eles & Dolphins
25th February - 6th March, 2011
25th November - 4th December, 2011
We were watching the Wild Dog pack relax on the pathway up ahead.  Suddenly with a throaty grunt the Alpha Male lept into action, the pack followed as if tied together by some invisible umbilical chord to unravel around a tree trunk.  Trapped in the branches above was the taut, intrepid body of a young female leopard.  What a privilege to experience raw, ferocious animal antics and learn something about ourselves.

We spend long, sunny days, sunsets & sundownders with several elephant families in the Pongola Game Reserve, several characters I know very well.  There is Beuga, the Matriarch, Asterix & Charlie the first elephant calves I closely more below.
As if all those WildLife experiences have not already been amazing, we conclude with 5 days & 4 nights luxuriating on the pristine Mozambique beaches whilst enjoying daily close encounters - beyond description - with pods of sociable bottlenose dolphins in their watery underworld.  You do not have to be a good swimmer, just anticipant and at ease.
Wild Dog Week
From 25th March, 2011
Unique Corporate TeamBuilding experience
During this week we spend 8 exciting, activity-filled days observing several packs of monitored, researched African Wild Dog in the Luangwa Valley Wilderness of Zambia.  This valley marks the end of the Great Rift Valley, covers and is one of the last unspoilt wilderness wildlife sanctuary's in Africa. it is traveresed by the Luangwa River with her oxbow lagoons, woodland plains and valleys which draw a huge host of game - including elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, giraffe, hippo & over 450 species of birds.

Your daily hosts are members of the African Wild Dog Conservation (AWDC) team which has been operating in Zambia since 1998 to conserve the endangered African Wild Dogs.  They will take you tracking and share many interesting reserach understandings of the animals in this area.

Daily we will digest & translate these unique wildlife experiences during self-reflective discussion groups into tangible take-home teambuilding life insights.
Help a little Bushman girl Recover from serious Burn Wounds
In April this year I had the privilege of spending some time with a clan from the Naro Bushmen in the Kalahari. Neeltjie Bouwer was our host and the owner of Grasslands Lodge where we stayed. Neeltjie grew up with the bushmen, can speak their language and is passionate about their survival.

Recently Neeltjie made me aware that Dixlau Kubi, a child of 2 years old fell in a hole with some hot coals in it. She was severely burned.
As the bushmen rub shoulders with us, our so-called wealth and assets they trust their own healing remedies less, which is very sad. The pictures above and below hosever show the difference between their treatment of the burns (right) and conventional medical treatment and neglect (left).
The child was rushed to Gaberone hospital where she received poor treatment and was separated from her family and mother for several weeks. She returned home with her hand amputated, the remaining thumb stuck to a burnt stub, open, unhealed burn wounds on her knee that could become infected and she was no longer able to walk. This is more than sad, I find it horrific.
Team Building with the Naro Bushmen - a story:
The small Cessna flew effortlessly over endless desert bush shrub, interrupted below by glimpses of ruler-white roads, a few square farm houses and several more rondawels with stick-like farm workers sitting on the steps.  Above, curdling grey skies with lumpy clouds looking like sub-standard mattress-stuffing, opened up, and we stretched towards the landing strip like a large grasshopper.  Neeltjie and her team were there to meet us.  We did not spend long saying hello, as we quickly lunched on mushroom quiche, dumped our travel bags in stone-brick chalets, took a longing drool at the cool pool waters, and then bundled into the game vehicle.  The Bushmen were waiting. 

A 20-minute drive and we were there.  We peered around two low bushes and awe-struck engaged eye-to-eye with bare-chested men, women, boys, girls, toddlers, wrinkled old people and babies.  They were animal-skin clad with soft leathery brown skin and protruding bottoms.  They were for real.   

Klein Karoo Plot for Sale in the Elandsdans Nature Reserve
The person who would like to buy this plot needs to be adventurous, love nature, be a handyman and enjoy designing his own home. There is a Guideline for Home Owners but the Association has fallen by the wayside, so as long as you are prepared to build within the regulations of Outdshoorn Building Council, and preferrably use natural materials and lots of Eco-friendly technology like Solar Heaters and Water pumps etc. you have a bargain.. 
Let me tell you a little more about the plot and the Elandsdans Nature Reserve:
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to wake-up with views of the undulating hills of the Swartberg mountains, a national heritage site and retire listening to the distant calls of the black-backed jackals. Elandsdans is a unique world hot spot where 3 floral kingdoms link in a unique way - succulent klein karoo vegetation, fynbos and tropical mountain thickets - providing a natural home for many bird and smaller buck species, as well as the 'shy seven' - wild meerkats, mongooses, aardwolves, bat-eared foxes, porcupines, and my favorites,the ancient aardvarks and the large, dignified tortoises moving at their own pace.

Each plot has its own electiricity and water connection. 

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