Mozambique Magic

Dancing with Dolphins:

These are the words of a participant
in a Peace-of-Eden
Ecotherapy Experience

The tranquility of the open beach that curved into the arch of a dolphin's back seemed to unlock a deep passion inside of me that had been aching to be unhinged. I felt alone and yet so full - bursting at the seams. My heart seemed to sing with the wind that threw my hair into the evening sky. I twirled around, pivoting in the sand, spiraling into the warmth of the sun's sinking rays. I felt alive. I felt beautiful, immersed in a beauty that stole nothing, but gave dance. Not a dance that was choreographed, but one that expressed its own rhythym - the beat of my overflowing heart, exuberant joy, Creator-pulsations through His pure, unblemished creation, through me!

My sarong wrapped around my legs as I ran through the evening air, the soft breeze kissing my cheeks and hugging my bare shoulders. The gentle, warm sea slapped against my ankles and I realized how aware I was of my own body. I knew me then, in that moment. I could feel the hairs on my arms as they reached out to the setting sun. With my eyes set on the pinky-orange horizon my heart resonated with Creator salutations. Deeply, intuitively I felt alive, I am free!

Freedom pulsated through my veins like a dolphin surfing the barrel of a wave. It consumed me and un-leashed me! I breathed in beauty and exhaled stress. I felt like a captured animal that had been released from a cage into its natural habitat; a hand-reared caged bird that was given license to fly away. The feeling was new to me, but it felt like home.

Home is not a place but a feeling of belonging. This is what God originally planed and dreamed for me. I was partaking in a slice of Eden.

When the wind hugged my body it was as if God wrapped His strong arms around me. When the sea lapped my knees He knelt in humility touching the sand He created. He reminded me that as many grains of sea sand swept that shore, those were the numbers of His thoughts towards me. He kissed my eyes with the setting sun, soothing sea sounds echolocated His love through my brain.

My face painted a smile. My humming blended with the symphony Creation played. At last I was part of the music. At last I had connected with me. I am home! It is not a perfect me, but one that I now know. A me I love without needing to do anything or be anyone or achieve. A me that could just be. A me that could be like an animal, like a dolphin. With a timeless, ancient wisdom they know who they are, their place in creation, their appropriate way of being and behaving. In this moment, like them, I also knew me, without frills, without a mask.

I could run through the waves like a ray of light dancing through the leaves of a tree. Weightless, I could fly! Every part of my sense alert and immersed in the experience. I did not look back and harbour in on some past event. I did not think to the future horizons or even tomorrow. I experienced the now. The breath in this second without regret of the previous, or anxiety of the next. My daughter, Cindy!