Mingling with Meerkats
Mini, Maxi and Foraging Experiences!

Loving and being loved is our deepest desire.

Wisdom from Nature can help us achieve this goal. Ecotherapy as facilitated by Mandy Young through her Peace-of-Eden Experiences can help you achieve this longing. For those who believe in God as Creator - animals with social behavior can re-awaken and remind you of God-created, species-specific ways of relating and loving; For those of you who believe in science - experience a sense of belonging, a rootedness and harmony by being present within wilderness systems that have been tried and tested over time!

Mandy Young (www.peace-of-eden.co.za) is a Psychotherapist and Ecotherapist, she integrates her skills of 26 years working with relationships, healing and maturation, with her love and understanding of wilderness spaces and wild animals - wild Meerkats, Wild Dogs, Elephants and Dolphins. When visiting the wild Meerkats of the Ungulungu family who live in the Meerkat Magic Valley, Mandy works with Grant McIlrath. Grant (www.meerkatmagic.com), research conservationist and educational biologist, walks around like a modern day Francis of Assis facilitating an up close and personal experience with these cute, gregarious, comical and world-loved creatures, as if you were in your own wild life documentary. His self-taught ethical habituation and communication techniques, patiently and perseveringly implemented over hours, days and years makes this possible! What a privilege!

Who needs this experience?

All of us! We genetically, soulfully and spiritually evolved in adaptation to nature, we are not best equipped to deal with the stresses and strains of city life and many aspects of our westernized lifestyles. Bills need to be paid. Our lives are in a rut. Healing ourselves and healing the earth are interdependent.

Sometimes a small change in how we perceive ourselves or our life situation can be very enriching and life transforming with many ripple effects into many other areas of our lives and relationships!

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