What Ostriches can teach us about Sex!

Peace-of-Eden series no. 12

Dear Dr. Tatiana,

My name's Twiggy, and I'm a stick insect. It's with great embarrassment that I write to you while copulating, but my mate and I have been copulating for ten weeks already. I'm bored out of my skull, yet he shows no sign of flagging. He says it's because he's madly in love with me, but I think he's just plain mad. How can I get him to quit?

Sick of Sex in India.

This is the way in which Dr. Tatiana starts his book called Sex Advise to all Creation.

Recently, whilst observing the male ostriches with their passionate red shins and beaks in the Meerkat Magic valley, I have had some thoughts about human sexual practises. When a higher ranking dominant ostrich male challenges a weaker male, for the female they are pursuing, the conquered male will 'drop a load' of fluid, that I think must be a release of built-up semen and testosterone. Having released this waterfall of liquid from his body, the subordinate ostrich male becomes immediately docile and content. His character changes from rampaging testosterone on two legs, ready to annihilate any enemy or opponent, to a floppy, gently feeding big bird.

This happens with elephants and wild dogs as well. Older, more dominant elephant bulls will suppress the testosterone levels that induce sexuality in younger elephant bulls, thus ensuring that the strongest genes are passed on to the next generation during copulation. In wild dogs, it is not only the dominant male that asserts his ranking with higher levels of testosterone and strength, but the female as well. She is the only one to come into estrous, which makes her ready to mate, because her dominance has suppressed the estrous cycles in the other wild dog females in the pack.

I think it is part of being a male to have higher levels of testosterone and aggression, these are important characteristics for 'hunting' and exploring. Lovemaking is an important part of relating, within the right context, to secure bonding, affection and enjoyment in a committed relationship. Ladies, I think you could do a lot to achieve a gentle, loving companion, reducing levels of stress and normal male aggression by ensuring a regular, enjoyable love life!