What Filter Do You See Life Through?

Peace of Eden Series no. 18

One of the questions both Grant – the Meerkat Man, and I, ask most guests who visit the wild Meerkats of the Ungulungu family are: ‘Why is one particular meerkat up on guard, watching out for predators, going without or sacrificing his/her food, whilst the other meerkats can forage in safety down below to their tummy’s content? And secondly, ‘Why does one meerkat stay behind at the burrow as a babysitter when there are meerkat pups and sometimes goes without, or sacrifices, food for a whole day, whilst the others go out for the day on an adventurous journey to forage, to play and to fend off neighbouring contenders!?’ I won’t directly answer those two questions, you will have to visit the wild Meerkats in their Meerkat Magic Valley to find the answers!

What I do want to focus on is that word, ‘sacrifice’.

Depending on our state of body and mind, and/or our early childhood relationship experiences we tend to see life through what I call ‘Deprivation Rage’ glasses or ‘Meerkat Magic’ glasses. When we filter life through ‘deprivation rage’ glasses, going without means ‘sacrifice’. We feel deprived, a victim, life sucks, and as if people and situations are treating us unfairly. On a deeper, more primary level, that perception is the result of emotional neglect – a lack of love, affection and appropriate parental attention when we were growing up. We were left with an inner mind-body knowledge that we didn’t get enough of what was our normal human emotional developmental requirement. On a present, ‘today’ level we are perceiving life through ‘deprivation rage’ glasses it is often so because we are tired and discouraged or we haven’t taken good self-care of our eating, sleeping and our ‘what-makes-us-feel-good-and-nurtured’ needs.

When we see life through ‘Meerkat Magic’ glasses, we are feeling loved and accepted, we feel good about ourselves, our talents, our lives and our relationships. Then ‘sacrifice’ is about letting go of a lower, less important goal, to achieve a higher, more desired and ascetic goal. The life lesson from nature is that it is important to take good self-care as adults, to make sure we are supporting ourselves emotionally in a way that we could not do so as children, so that life’s tough times can be seen through ‘Meerkat Magic’ glasses!

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