Butterflies – Learning about the Three in One!

Peace of Eden series – article 9

Edward Wilson, who is a world renowned biologist, says:

‘…the human species has had some three million years of survival programming in how to interact constructively with nature. At a deep body-mind level, we know however dimly, that if we continue to reject this programming and do not establish a respectful interaction with nature, we will lose not only a vital dimension of our humanness, but eventually out planet home as a self-renewing, life-nurturing organism’. (The Diversity of Life, 1992).

I believe we genetically, soulfully and spiritually evolved in adaptation to nature, We are not best equipped for the stresses and strains of city life. When we step into a garden or wilderness space we immediately feel a sense of ease, something deep inside re-connects us with a remembered peacefulness and sense of belonging. I don’t advocate we behave like a Wild Dog, a Meerkat, Dolphin or Elephant, but often through observing these and other animal, plant and bird species, we understand some of our own inner reflections and we are reminded of human ways of relating that we have forgotten about or compromised.

Chatting after social tennis on a Saturday afternoon, Danie Lategan, ostrich farmer, tour proprietor and geneticist, told me of a moving incident where a Spanish guest was in tears after visiting his former butterfly paradise. (Unfortunately this enterprise was unsustainable with the weather conditions of the Klein Karoo.) No, he didn’t say something rude to her, or step on her toe! She was sobbing! As a religious person, with a deep love of God, this Spanish lady was deeply moved by at last having grasped how God the Creator, Christ the Redeemer and the Holy Spirit Comforter-Friend, could in essence be one God with different functions and applications, because she had seen how the beautiful butterflies trumpeting their gloriously patterned colours and flighty freedom could be egg, pupa and emerged butterfly – three applications of essentially one insect!

If you have understanding from nature you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.