Mingling with Meerkats - Introduction to Divorce Adjustment Program

Mandy Young

Phone: 021-5311446; 082 445 4142
Email: mandy@peace-of-eden.co.za
Web Page: www.peace-of-eden.co.za

Many children experience their parents' separation or divorce. It is often a time when there are many changes and intense feelings like anger, shame, sadness, worry and sometimes even relief. It is also a time when children (and parents!) are often needing added resources and skills to cope with this life transition.

Mandy Young, a Psychotherapist with 26 years of professional experience runs groups for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years to help them deal with divorce-related feelings.

Supportively, they find themselves 'in the same boat' with peers, and together they learn important communication, problem-solving and anger-control life skills that stand them in good stead for life.

The children meet for an hour
over a 13-week period

The program has been successfully run in Cape Town since 1995, and internationally since 1985, with

positive, long-lasting and
life transforming results

Children may participate in the 13-week program OR the 3-weekend program.

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Meerkat Magic

Grant McIlrath

Phone: 044-2723077; 082 413 6895
Email: gmmcilrath@mweb.co.za
Web Page: www.meerkatmagic.com

Now, Mandy, in her role also as an Ecotherapist, is offering an unusual extension to her work. There is an opportunity for older children of 11 and 12 years of age to participate in the same program over 3 weekends (4 group sessions per weekend), spread over 2-week periods, whilst also observing a cute, engaging and gregarious animal with interesting social behavior, a group of meerkats!

Mandy has found over years of observing animals with social behavior that they are able to show us important relationship skills, very important in families where relationship interactions are changing.

Mandy works together with the top meerkat expert in the world, Grant McIlrath, whose ethical habituation techniques make it possible for people to observe these animals and learn from them at close quarters.

A new program
is commencing soon,
You are encouraged
to apply shortly

Parents are also invited to voluntarily participate in a Meerkat Magic weekend of their own to enhance parenting skills and their own post-divorce adjustment.