Hurt to Hope Divorce Adjustment Program: Post-Program Comments of Parents & Child Participants

August - November 2005


'In general Raine enjoyed weekly sessions, looked forward to each session. Trusts the safe environment with the facilitator & 'same situation' kids with whom she has shared her feelings, experiences and interacted freely. Raine has learnt parent-management skills - deals with issues with confidence. She has increased confidence. Learned anger & frustration skills and worked through issues inh therapy which she hid from parents. She is a happer & stronger individual at school & more playful with her siblings. From a parent's perspective I feel relieved she has had this time & feel it has given her a new boost in life! I felt inadequate & therapy has definately helped me by giving Raine an outlet when she couldn't have it with either parent. I am grateful!' Kirsty

'Dear Mandy, Christiaan has really enjoyed being part of this group in your 'Hurt to Healng' Course. He has become much more able to to control his anger, communicate what he is feeling and resolve conflicts - especially in group situations. He seems to have become popular at school - and has bonded with his classmates in a more significant way. Most of all he has started learning how to 'let go' of those parts of life he cannot control - like what mom and dad do / don't do, money issues, etc. Thank you, I highly recommend this course to other children of divorce.'

The Children Themselves:

'I learnt anger control, more about life after parents divorce, about feelings, parent problems and about respect' Skye

'I learn to respect, enjoyed friendship, how to communicate, control my anger, talk about feelings, understand parents' more, and about telling about bullying' Raine

'I learnt to stand up for myself, . The group gave me a chance to enjoy the week, to understand and solve my problems.' Christiaan