The Wisdom of Elephants Guest Comments

'...Thanks Mandy for your truth, your sincerity, your patience. You've made me think in a very useful way of my own journey...' Pat Angove (spiritual healer)

' in the Cape, as beautiful as it is, never quite meets my yearning for true african bush. There's something abut the space, the brown grass, the gray, flat thron trees, and the deep bush silence that never fails to recharge my spirit. What I found extra special about the eco-therapy sessions was that they added purpose and personal growth to an already special time. I received two very powerful lessons that could be applied in my personal life, just from our observations of and interactions with the elephants. I do wish the sessions could have been longer, but I guess hyhaena-hour in the bush takes priority! The game drives were great! bumps and bums and cold-morning beanies! just needed more whisky in the coffee!' Louise (computer programmer and projects planner)